The Union County Commission is made up of 16 members representing 7 county districts.  Members of the Union County Commission work to serve constituents and the county through a myriad of duties that include enacting legislation through resolution or ordinance, approving the county’s fiscal budget, setting the county property tax rate, establishing policy, and serving as a voice for the people. Jason Bailey, Union County Mayor, serves as the commission chair.

The Union County Commission meets on the 4th Monday of each month at 7:00pm at the Union County Courthouse.

Union County Court House

Important Info

All courthouse offices are open Monday-Friday from 8:00am-4:00pm

The Union County Clerk is open on Saturday from 9:00am-12:00pm

1st District Commissioners Serving the Maynardville Community

Jeff Chesney
Jeff ChesneyCounty Commissioner, 1st District
Gary England
Gary EnglandCounty Commissioner, 1st District
Janet Holloway
Janet HollowayCounty Commissioner, 1st District

2nd District Commissioners Serving the Luttrell Community

Sidney Jessee, Jr.
Sidney Jessee, Jr.County Commissioner, 2nd District
Jody Smith
Jody SmithCounty Commissioner, 2nd District

3rd District Commissioners Serving the Brock and Cedar Grove Communities

Bill Cox
Bill CoxCounty Commissioner, 3rd District
Earl Cox
Earl CoxCounty Commissioner, 3rd District

4th District Commissioners Serving the Big Ridge Community

Danny Cooke
Danny CookeCounty Commissioner, 4th District
Dawn Flatford
Dawn FlatfordCounty Commissioner, 4th District

5th District Commissioners Serving the Sharps Chapel and Speedwell Communities

Jeff Brantley
Jeff BrantleyCounty Commissioner, 5th District
Kenny Hill
Kenny HillCounty Commissioner, 5th District

6th District Commissioners Serving the Paulette Community

R.L. Jones
R.L. JonesCounty Commissioner, 6th District
Debra Keck
Debra KeckCounty Commissioner, 6th District
Larry Lay
Larry LayCounty Commissioner, 6th District

7th District Commissioners Serving the Plainview Community

Joyce Meltabarger
Joyce MeltabargerCounty Commissioner, 7th District
Becky Munsey
Becky MunseyCounty Commissioner, 7th District